we measure the quality of our attractive work by an ideal functionality

dirk & thomas

Delphin Design was founded by Thomas Wagner (born in Berlin in 1962) and Dirk 
Loff (born in Leipzig in 1963). 
Both had completed craft training programmes before they met during their studies of industrial design at the art academy in Berlin/Weissensee.
 After graduation they both separately gathered work experience in various offices in Germany and Switzerland before joining forces under the name of Delphin Design. 
In their company studios in Berlin and Köllmichen near Leipzig they now develop product lines for the furniture industry, the sanitary sector, the mechanical engineering industry as well as the industries of household appliances and electronics. 
The high-quality products of Delphin Design are characterized by their perfect functionality, their economic production and their timeless aesthetics.
 The company received various prestigious awards for its designs.


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